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Llama Restaurant - Internet Commercial

Food is perhaps the one thing that can bring everyone together without hesitation. Among traveling and experiencing different cultures, I am fascinated with the art of good food, and how in the world we are going to make it all sustainable. When I first ate at Llama Restaurant in my little town of St. Augustine, I was stunned with a five star experience. Then I met chef and owner Marcel Vizcarra and of course there was a beautiful story behind it all. The twist was just how much we have in common. We are both obsessed with the "perfect" story, but Marcel's stories aren't delivered to a screen. They are enjoyed through more senses, in a Peruvian dish. Diving into his art was a fun challenge and that rare occasion where you make a new friend. This is the story of authentic Peruvian cuisine meeting a young, ambitious chef who has dedicated his life to the flavors of 90 different microclimates.

Brady Bigalke - Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Gaffer - Stuart Bicknell

BoHo Camper Vans - Internet Commercial

It was obvious to me right away that the team at BoHo Camper Vans puts a lot of time and energy into their vans. After viewing some of their projects and talking with the owners, I was given the opportunity to create a powerful story for their website and social media. BoHo Vans is based in Phoenix, Arizona and they offer people the unique opportunity to travel the open road and "adventure with no commitments" – so that's exactly what my wife and I did. We set out to create this travel film / commercial while living in one of their builds for a week, and our journey took us to Lee's Ferry, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Flagstaff, Sedona, and beyond. If you rent a van from BoHo Camper Vans, I think you'll find out why the convenience of combining transportation with a comfortable place to sleep has quickly made this my new favorite way to travel.

Brady Bigalke - Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Monarch School of San Diego - TV Commercial

It's not every day you get to direct a TV commercial for a school that is entirely occupied by kids in need. These are homeless kids in San Diego, and they are getting a proper education including a garden with a science lab. I didn't even know a school like this existed – what a special place with amazing teachers. So when I boarded the plane to San Diego, I was thrilled to direct this television spot showcasing the PGA TOUR Charity of the Year. 

Brady Bigalke - Director

Director of Photography - Peter Mosiman 

Editor - Justin Wirtalla

Client - PGA TOUR / Monarch School of San Diego

PLAYERS Championship Ad - Jason Day

From 2015 - 2017 I worked for PGA Tour Entertainment as a full-time TV Producer in their Brand Department. And when I say department, I mean a small team of four, where we created over a dozen commercials a week at times. It was during this time I met best friend Justin Wirtalla and we worked closely together on a daily basis. Here is one of the TV spots I created for The PLAYERS Championship.

Brady Bigalke - Concept, Producer, Co-Editor

Justin Wirtalla - Editing, Color

The Trip of a Lifetime During a Record Freeze

My other half and I ventured up to North Carolina for 10 days to kick off the New Year. Here are some of the highlights from our trip. There was a record freeze when we were there and it was incredible to experience such ancient land as a frozen tundra. The town of Burnsville, near the treehouse we stayed in, had a blackout from the cold and I had to keep the indoor fire pit burning throughout the night just to keep the temperature above 30 inside the house. We also stayed in a tiny house on a farm with alpacas above the historic town of Marshall. This was our first vacation together and as you can see ... it went pretty well!

Brady Bigalke - Director, Director of Photography, Editor


I'm Brady, and to put it simply, I'm a filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, traveling, and flying airplanes. Storytelling has been a passion of mine for over a decade and that passion doesn't stay in my own hangar. From big players like the PGA TOUR to small startups, I've created hundreds of stories for all different kinds of brands.

There is nothing more powerful than a great story, and every business has one. It's hands down the best way to connect people your brand on an emotional level like never before. I have seen these films literally change peoples lives, so I keep creating them. From compelling concepts to post-production and successful distribution, I'm ready to roll solo or assemble a creative team based on your needs.

When I'm not creating a video, you can find me spending time with family and friends, planning my next travel film, flying, riding my bike, cooking, gaming, or listening to 40's music.

Additional Note: My wife Kristin owns a digital marketing agency. If you're in need of legitimate digital marketing that actually produces results, check out Meerkat Media Group. The team at Meerkat is on a one-on-one basis with clients and produces big ad-agency results for a fraction of the cost. 


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